Monday, 23 April 2012


hello dear readers, dts if I aff any ooooo! well am new here! was bored nd I didnt av anytn to do so decided to create my own blog! cuz I always visit linda ikeji's site evriday! ok now let me introduce myslf! my name is Abisola Sowemimo! bt ppl call me "Hipsy" ow I came about dt nickname l'll explain dt to u later *wink* am a student of leadcity university ibadan! yh yh yh I said Leadcity university kip ur funny tots d skul aint dt bad! a studying business administration! am a fun loving and easy goin person *yimu*anyways dts jes a mini introduction of myself! I promise u guys dis blog is gon b fun! cuz I'll b bringn u hot gists! u shld trust m guys wen isay hot gist mean it! I jez pray dey don't beat me up ontop dis blog wey go create! for don ue anoda name sha! omo nothing mehn! nywaiz guys jes tlk say make tlk sumtn ni ooo! catshhh ya larraaaaa

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog
    Hope to read a post soon